Beach Yoga on Sunset


Yoginis and Yogis of the Summer time 🙂

Beach Yoga is calling for a beautiful afternoon and sunset time at an unexplored location in Damour Area.
The yoga class will be a part of the WilderNest Event, that is full of entertainment and outdoor activities, organized by Board Inc. & Waveboat Lebanon
More through this link:

Make your presence at the beach more fun, more fluid and flexible, and more enchanting to the eyes and to the soul by watching and meditating upon the serene sunset rays spreading warmth on your skin and in your inner feelings and sensations.

Beirut Yoga Center’s family will be there at 4:00 pm (you can be their earlier), the yoga session will start at 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm, ending with breathing techniques and meditation.

Come with your yoga mats, and with a big smile inside out..
If you don’t have a mat, we will be on the sand so a big towel will do 🙂

Location by following this link.

Call for more:

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