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Tantra Yoga with Guru Prakash

Tantra Yoga Class – Tantra Yoga for the Pancha Kosha (5 Bodies)
Tantra weaves together a variety of yogic practices to purify the body, balance the mind and
bring out the inner bliss that lies within.
 Asana combined with chakra awareness and bija mantra meditation
 Mudras and Bhandas (how to use them to generate and move energy)
 Pranayama to balance body and mind while activating the life force
 Yoga Nidra as a Tantric practice to install divine energy into the body
 Mantra – Kirtan for uplifting our group energy and to create sacred space

You will learn:
 How to turn asana into a kriya – pure energetic expression
 Methods to link the chakras and activate the entire subtle body
 Practices to open the Ajna Chakra using mudra, mantra and pranayama combined
 How to let go of the mind completely and drop into the body
 4 stages of pranayama practice: synthesizing, vitalizing, balancing and tranquilizing

You will experience:
 Flow of life force and divine connection
 Intention setting deep within the subconscious mind

This may be followed by a lecture on the deeper aspects of a Tantra practice and how it can be
applied to all aspects of your existence. Tantra is more than just a science it is an art form, a way
of being in the world that allows the practitioner to evolve while living fully. The world is our
teacher and Tantra gives us the tools and philosophy to overcome all challenges and live with

Date & Time: August 24 – 5:30 till 8:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Fees: 33$

Reservation at 03029734
Yogi Prakash, the founder of Shanti Yoga Ashram and Divine Yoga School, a non-profit organization in Nepal that educates children and adults alike in the culture and science of yoga;
began studying and practicing yoga with full dedication in his youth. Shanti Yoga Ashram is the only Tantra Yoga ashram in Nepal, which is known as the motherland of Tantra. With over 20 years of teaching experience both at home and around the world; his passion is to teach classical Tantra Yoga in a systematic manner in order to fully awaken human potential for the upliftment of humanity.
Tantra is the ancient science to awaken Kundalini Shakti. Tan means expansion, tra means freedom. Therefore it is the art of to be free from all limitations and conditionings through the
expansion of energy. When practiced integrally with proper guidance higher levels of awareness are developed and the true bliss of the Self becomes naturally manifested.

Beach Day & Yoga

Yoginis and Yogis of the Summer time 🙂

Beach Yoga is calling for a beautiful afternoon and sunset time at the gorgeous Lazy B shore. Make your presence at the beach more fun, more fluid and flexible, and more enchanting to the eyes and to the soul by watching and meditating upon the serene sunset rays spreading warmth on your skin and in your inner feelings and sensations.

Join Beirut Yoga Center Team for this beach gathering,
We will be there in the morning to spend a day by the sea, where you will have the option to spend a full day, half day or maybe just attend the sunset yoga session. 

Come with your yoga mats, and with a big smile inside out :))))).
If you don’t have mats, we will be on the sand so a big towel will do 🙂

1- Full Day access + Yoga Session: 50$
2- Half day Access after 3:30 pm + Yoga Session: 33$
3- Yoga Session after 5:30: 20$

We will release Lanterns with intention and wish to come true.

Note: we go with our own cars. car pooling is possible to hitch a ride.

– Registration is a must by phone, text or call: 03029734
– Reservation is a must so that Your name will be at Lazy B entrance

Full Moon Yoga & Camping

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein.

Make August’s full moon unforgettable, and join us on a Full Moon Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, and overnight Camping, at Cedars Ground Campsite, in the heart of Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and in collaboration with Reebok Mena.

On Friday August 16, Bus leaves beirut at 16:00 and reach Hazmieh at 16:30 to take the other group beside wooden bakery on the highway goin up. Or you can meet us at 18:00 onsite.
We will gather up at Cedars Ground Campsite, at the base of Shouf Biosphere Reserve (Bmahray Gate), having a healthy dinner prepared from the seasonal and organic veggies along with tasty and healthy ingredients, then we will move around 10:30 all the way to the beautiful Shouf Reserve on a Full Moon fascinating hike amidst the oldest Cedars Trees in the world. The hike will be moderate, 1.5 to 2 hours, reaching the Meditation spot where we will do breathing, and full moon meditation with Aaed Ghanem

Afterwards we will go back to the campsite where you have the option to stay overnight camping for a live music night, chilling between the amusing gathering spots, hummocks area, tipis and sun-theater…
We will play a lot of games and you will have the chance to win vouchers from Reebok and have a variety of items to wear during your Yoga and sports practice.

You can also prepare your own tea and hot drinks in the campsite’s kitchenette.

Our morning also will be rich with a sunrise yoga session with Aaed, then have a healthy breakfast, a morning tour around the camp and the freedom to stay or look for other activities in the area.

Transportation will be available, moving from Beirut Yoga Center Sodeco Branch on Saturday, at 16:30 pm Sharp and from Hazmieh (Wooden bakery – facing our Hazmieh branch) 4:40 pm sharp, and from Cedars Ground Campsite the other day, at 12:00 pm

– Hiking shoes, comfy clothes and heavy Jackets
– Blankets and pillows
– Yoga Mat or a big towel
– Small cushion for meditation
– Toiletries (Bathroom & outdoor shower available)
– A Torch Light
– A Tent OR rent a sharing tent fits for 3 people
– Camera & Your vision


1 – Full Moon Night: Dinner + Reserve Entrence + Guide + Full Moon Hike + Meditation: $35

2 – Over night Campers bringing their tents: The above activities + Entrance to the Campsite + Live Music Night + Morning Stretching & Yoga + Breakfast: $60

3- Over night Campers who need Tents: The above activities + Entrance to the Campsite + Tent Rental (Sharing Tent fits for 3 people) + Live Music Night + Morning Stretching + Breakfast: $70
If you don’t have 2 friends to share you the tent we can manage to find you 2 attendees suitable for you.

If you’re sharing with 1 friend the price will be $80 each

Private tent is for $90

Transportation Fees: Additional $12

Reservation is a must through passing by our Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branch or Beirut Yoga Center / Sodeco Branch to pay for the chosen package. Last chance to reserve on Wednesday August 14
Groups of 10 to reserve together at once will immediately earn 15% vouchers from Reebok

For more info please call us at:

Body’s Bio-Energy Workshop with Mani

Join Mani Raman on this unique 2 hrs workshop to experience a different and special asana sequence, to cleanse and energize the bio-energy in the body and deepen your yoga practice.

In this Workshop Mani will give techniques on how to purify the Bio-Energy and Pranic Flow as well as the Somatic Experience of this knowledge through the yoga practice.

The goal is to offer you some extra tools to advance in the postures and go beyond what your think your limit is!


Book your spot NOW by calling or texting us at 03029734

Date: Wednesday July 31
Time: 19:30 – 21:30
Location: Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branch
Energy Exchange: $33

About Mani

Mani Raman is a dynamic, inspirational teacher of Yoga and meditation from India who brings his wisdom, high energy, humor and wit to every class he teaches. With intuition, clarity and compassion, he guides his students on and off the mat in overcoming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages to expand their minds and experience Oneness. Thousands of students from all over the world, regardless of gender, age or creed, have benefited from the powerful, life transforming teachings which he is passing down humbly in the tradition of his teachers while using anecdotes and examples from contemporary life to allow his students to access the ancient messages with ease.

Vietnam Retreat

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

Join us in a one of a kind trip, in a special country for a special experience !
Trip details and program:

Saturday Nov 16
Arrival to Noi Bai intertnational Airport
Check in at the 5 * Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort
Dinner at the Hotel

Sunday Nov 17
09:00 Yoga Class
10:15 Brunch
12:00 – 13:00 Sight Seeing around Halong Bay
13:00 – 15:00 Local Market Visit and activities on the Bay
15:00 Free Beach time
18:30- 20:00 Yoga & Breathing

Monday Nov 18
Overnight Boat Cruise at Ha Long bay
A full, exquisite and unique experience inside the ocean, with a special private boat, beautiful sceneries, grottos, islands …
sunrise yoga at the boat deck, 3 included meals and more…

Tuesday Nov 19
Back to Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort in the early afternoon
Free time/ Optional water activities/ Shopping
17:00 Sunset Yoga at the hotel
20:00 Dinner Out

Wednesday Nov 20
08:00-09:30 Yoga class
09:30 Breakfast
11:00 Check out and departure to Second Location: Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh
Lunch on the way
16:30 Check In
17:30 Yoga Session
18:30 Dinner Out

Thursday Nov 21
8:00-9:30 Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
9:30: Brunch
11:00 Hoa Lu temple & Trang An Grottoes tour
17:30 Sunset Yoga
20:00 Dinner In

Friday Nov 22
08:30-10:00 Yoga Class
10:00 Brunch
11:00 Sampan boat experience with locals 
14:30 Hike up and down 500 steps to the famous Mau Cave
17:30 Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Dinner 

Saturday Nov 23
08:30 Yoga class
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Check out and head to the new destination at
5* Sofitel Legend Meteropol Hotel Hanoi
16:30- 17:30 Breathing & meditation
18:00 Night Market visit and shopping
Free Night Dinner

Sunday Nov 24
08:30 Yoga class
10:00 Brunch
11:30 Ho chi Minh Mausoleum visit
12:30 Coffee at the track rails in tran fu street
13:30 Lunch at the beer corner
16:00 Yoga Class
18:00 Hanoi Opera House the spectacular “Lang Toi village show”

Monday Nov 25
08:30 Yoga Class
10:00 Brunch
Check out 
Last day Shopping 
Departure to Noi Bai Airport
Back to Beirut 
Optional activities at Hanoi:

* Beer corner in Ta Hien 
* Coffee at the rail tracks in Tran Phu street
* Ho Chi Minh museum – historical site
* Temple of Literature – historical site
* Hoa Lo prision – historical site

Cost: $3500 shared room 
$3950 single room 

$1300 upon booking 
Full Balance Due latest by 10th October

Cancellation policy:
60 Days or more before departure date, Full refund
30 Days or more, no refund if deposit only paid, and 50% from the total amount
Less than 30 Days, No Refund if deposit only paid, and 25% refund of the total amount.

Price includes:
BB accommodation
Boat cruise full Board (3 Meals)
All transportation from and to airport in Vietnam
All tours inclusive of the private boat cruise
All yoga and meditation classes given 

Excluded from cost:
All temple entrance cost
Opera House tickets Lang Toi village show in Hanoi on Nov 24
Visa cost

Places are limited 

Contact us: 
+961 3 029 734 ~ +961 1 339734
[email protected]

Flight Details:

QR 421 G 15NOV 5 BEYDOH HK15 1925 0030+1
QR 976 G 16NOV 6 DOHHAN HK15 0255 1330
QR 977 G 25NOV 1 HANDOH HK15 1830 2305
QR 426 G 26NOV 2 DOHBEY HK15 0145 0520

Aroma Therapy 101

Your natural oil kit for a healthy summer is ready for you at our Hazmieh branch.

Join Dr. Shady Ghosn on Saturday June 29, and learn how to deal with summer conditions in a natural and efficient way using essential and carrier oils.

Also you will discover 100% natural alternatives to products like sunscreen, after sun, body oil, toothpaste, deodorant…. to avoid harmful chemicals.

Reserve your spot now at 03029734

Date: Saturday June 29
Time: 11:30 till 13:30
Fees: 33$

Zen Yoga Retreat

Join the Japanese Master Masahiro Ouchi and the Yogi Aaed Ghanem in this unique and special TaoZen Yoga Retreat.
The place is a pristine calm green, full of positive energy with birds chirping in the pine trees around almost all day long. It’s a 50 mins drive from Beirut, at AFDC Ramlieh above Aley.

The program will include:
1 – Hatha Yoga sessions outdoors and indoors practice.
2- Meditation :
a) Tryah Bindi , Dreams come true meditation :
We will explore ones dreams deeply and focus on three wishes We will make them come true.
It is a powerful method that proved to be true and really works, for many years and in many places.

b) TaoZen Tantric Meditation “ Healing Love basic”:
It is a technique to explore our strongest life power Jing (sexuality), cultivate and use it for our physical health, emotional power and social healing.
As Basic practice of this technique, a special breathing and related meditation will be introduced.

3- Movements of Taichi Practice which will include:
a) Inner Taichi Basic : Deep learning of Taichi Walk and basic Taichi movements and Applications.
b) Taichi Tenshin Ranman Form: It is the most favorite form which has many traditional movements.
It is beautiful and powerful Taichi form..

Leaving Beirut Saturday June 22 at 7:30 am by personal cars/ car pooling if you need a ride!

Arrival to AFDC Ramlieh at 8:30
Check in and Breakfast.

9:30 am Program starts till Sunday afternoon at 16:00 Departure

Full board accommodation with 5 meals and snacks in between.

Fees: $230 Single Room
$180 Shared Double Room

Places are limited
Book Now!
Call us at 03029734
[email protected]


This two hours session is all about the flexibility, strength and coordination that is necessary for handstands and arm balances. Handstand is a fun and challenging posture that demands a strong core, stable shoulders, and a bit of determination!
Come learn tips and techniques for developing a solid Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) with Aaed Ghanem.

In this flow we’ll explore the fundamentals of going upside down, and we’ll understand the key alignment tools that help us invert.

The Workshop is open for beginners and advanced !

Date: Sat May 25
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branch
Energy Exchange: $33

20% Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on May 4 – 11 – 18

Call for more at 03029734


Would you love to be able to do the splits? Want to work on tight hip flexors?
Then this workshop is for you !

This workshops is all about the journey – not the destination! You’ll learn patience and anatomy, enjoy some flows and deep yin holds. Expect to be taken on a journey through Mindful Yoga Flow & Restorative Yin Poses. Hanumanasana brings many benefits, including toned and strengthened muscles of the legs and abdomen! All levels welcome!

Date: Sat May 4
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: Hazmieh Branch
Energy Exchange: $33

20% Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on May 11 – 18 – 25

Call for more at 03029734

Aroma Therapy 101

Discover the amzing world of essential oils and learn how to use them to stay healthy.
You will learn easy tips on how to boost your immune system and how to replace daily personal care products like toothpaste and deadorant by natural healthy alternatives.

Based on the scientific research of aromatherapy for immune support, workshop facilitator Doctor Chadi Abi-Ghosn will present the practial solutions and an insider’s look at how to replicate these findings in your everyday life focusing on 5 essenial oils: Lavender, tea tree, peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus radiate…
By the end of the workshop you will have a full idea on how to protect yourself and your family members of all ages from many environmental health risks.

Time: Saturday march 9th (4 till 6 pm)
Location: Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branch
Fees: $30

Call for more 03029734