Yoga Meditation & Hiking at Shouf Cedars Reserve

In collaboration with Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Beirut Yoga Center would like to invite you to take a unique breath from the heart of the mountain, allowing your body to immerse in the air particles of the cedars, while your mind experiences a peaceful state of nothingness and your soul delves in the enchantment of the beauty of mother Gaia…

We will arrive straight to Cedars Ground Campsite, to savour a healthy breakfast of yummy saj Manakish with veggies and refreshments.

After that we will head directly to the main entrance of Shouf Biosphere Reserve for a special track with the guides where we will be climbing uphill then descending down the trail till we reach the Oldest Tree in the reserve. From there we will walk to our special yoga space under the cedars and inhale a breath of life that equals hundreds of breaths taken in the city.

Gathering at Beirut Yoga Center Sodeco Branch, at 7:15 am !
Bus leaves at 7:30 sharp (won’t wait for the ones who are late) pass by Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branchs at 7:55 sharp to take the other group and move on a new adventure.

Bring With You:

– Comfortable hiking shoes & Clothes
– Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
– Camera and your vision !
– Light Snacks
– Big water bottle
– Yoga mat or a huge towel

Cost of the whole day is $33 that covers:

1- Entrance ticket
2- Breakfast, whole wheat Mana2ish 3ala Saj
3- Transportation from and to Beirut & Hazmieh
4- Yoga Class

Registration & Payment before Friday April 13:
+961 03 029 734
+961 76 612128

[email protected]

Clicking “Join” on FB is not counted, you have to confirm & pay latest by Friday April 13:

N.B: You can also buy organic honey and other products from the Shouf Biosphere Reserve

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