Live Music & Restorative Yin with Mayssam & Alaa

Live Music & Restorative Yin with Mayssam & Alaa

Join Mayssam and Alaa for an evening of deep relaxation and souful exploration through Yoga and Live Music.

Alaa will bring his extraordinary blend of captivating live music and yoga while Mayssam delivers a sweet and surrendering blend of Restorative yin yoga and meditation.

Yin Yoga works on the Yin tissues – also known as the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load. Yin Yoga poses are held for around 5 minutes. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making them a little longer and stronger.

Becoming still in a pose, you learn to observe only the pure physical sensations of emotions, without getting caught up in the stories about those emotions, thats how you clear your mind and free your spirit.

Date: Sat Sep 29
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Energy Exchange: $33

Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on Sept 8 – 15 and 22 is $118 instead of $132

Call for more at 03029734

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