Beirut Yoga Center.. Your Natural High!

BYC is a space to Breathe, a Space to practice Yoga, a space to meditate, a space to share knowledge and experience, a space to grab a cup of tea, a space to read and interact, a space that welcomes everybody.

We can’t express enough in words, but the following says a little:
In awe to every breath we take, in awe to the infinite blessings pouring into the heart every single moment, in awe to this universe and to the great equalizer of all times passed and yet to come, in awe to the divine pulse that beats in the cosmic kingdom in tune and dancing with the stars, in awe and gratitude to each and everyone of you.
*Located in the center of the city, two minutes from Down Town, Beirut Yoga center offers a regular schedule of weekly classes in addition to workshops, events and yoga retreats. (Sodeco, Echmoun Bldg, 10th flr, Bechara el khoury, Damascus Road, Beirut, Lebanon)

*Located on Damascus road, Hazmieh highway, with a beautiful setup and view. (Hazmieh Midpoint, next to kia motors company, Gallery Matta Bldg, 2nd flr)

As the name itself Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, which is often translated to “unite, to join, or to connect”; Beirut Yoga center is a place for connection, balance and bringing the self to a harmonious state; learning to come back to yourself, finding your limits, expanding your boundaries, and being able to truly relax into who you are.
As you open your body and mind with yoga postures and breathing, you become receptive to the delightful and profound experience of inner stillness.
Nowadays, there are different forms of Yoga. Though most styles have common roots, each has its own unique features.
For different styles, different yoga instructors have been provided both highly trained and passionate about sharing their love of yoga with others.
You may ask, “Is Yoga for me?”
Definitely, yes! Yoga is for anyone who is willing to learn its ways and ideas. It does not actually require any special equipment or clothing. What it requires is your will to have a healthier, stress-free life.

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