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Savasana, Pranayama & Surya Namaskar



The Lotus Academy of Yoga

Training Manual



  1. Savasana (Initial relaxation)


Lay down on your back, feet wide apart, arms by your sides palms facing up,eyes gently closed, lips gently sealed, abdomen rising inhale, abdomen falling exhale.

Scan your body from toes to head, mentally relax your feet,relax your legs, relax your knees thighs and hips, relax your spine, lower back middle back and upper back,relax your abdomen and chest.

Relax your hands, palms and arms… shoulders, neck and head. Relax your face and forehead. Relax your eyebrows and your eyes….

Slowly bring your feet together, heels and big toes touching,take your arms up over your head, interlock your fingers and stretch your arms back,body back stretch stretch stretch… exhale release. Gently bend your knees,hug the knees to your chest, push and sit up, seated in cross legged position.

Eyes closed, spine straight, thumbs touching the index fingers,with the back of your hands resting on your knees (Chin Mudra).

We will begin with the initial invocation repeating the universal sound Oum three times loudly. Abdomen rising inhale, abdomen falling exhale, again inhale abdomen rising,

Together, Oum, Oum, Ouuuuuuuuummmmmm.


  1. Pranayama Breathing:


Kapalabhati: (Fast nostril breathing)

Three rounds with retention after each round. Exhaling by force, pulling your abdomen in, with each exhalation, neutrally inhale as you relax your abdomen out.

(1) Forceful exhalation (2) neutral inhalation.

To begin Inhale deeply, exhale completely

Inhale and with my count start  (1,2,1,2,1,2……….)


Anuloma Viloma: (Alternate nostril breathing)

Five rounds; keeping your eyes closed, prepare your right hand to Visnu Mudra with the index and middle finger folded to touch your right palm, setting free your thump, ring finger and little pinky. Inhale deeply, exhale completely

close your right nostril with your right  thumb,inhale from the left (Om 1, Om 2, Om 3, Om 4) retain for sixteen counts.
Open the right nostril and exhale for 8 counts (Om1, Om2, Om3…Om8) then right inhale…..
Keeping your eyes closed, lay down on your back and relax in Savasana posture,
feet apart, eyes closed, palms facing up.

Sit up: feet together, arms over the head, interlock your fingers and stretch your body back stretch stretch stretch, exhale release. Bend both knees, hug the knees to the chest, push and sit up.




Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar):

Stand up for sun salutation warm up. Heels and toes touching, feet together.

Stand up tall and start please. Inhale, exhale palms to touch in front of your heart center (namaskar),inhale stretch your arms up all the way, reach high arch back, push your hips forward,tighten your gluts, lock your knees,

Exhale extending your arms forward and down, touch earth.

Fingertips in one line with your toes chin to the chest, look at your stomach,top of the head pointing down.

Bend your knees if you need to, but you must touch earth.

Inhale, right leg back big step, right knee on the mat, relax your right toes, look up.

Slowly left leg back feet together, retain your breath to plank pose,body straight line in push up position. Exhale knees chest and forehead downkeep your hips lifted (Ashtanga Namaskar).

Slide your body forward and up push with your palms and inhale up to Cobra,head up, chest up, chin up. Tighten your gluts, Heels together, big toes touching.

Keep your elbows bent forming a 90 degree angle touching your ribcage,hip bones touching the floor. Bring your shoulders back and down away from your ears,trapezes muscle forward at the end.

Exhale to inverted V, keeping your feet together, hips up,stomach in, heels to the mat, push your knees back. Spread your fingers wide.

Exhale breathing and push with your hands, palms flat on the mat.

Externally rotate your outer upper arms. Create space between your shoulder blades to keep your neck relaxed.

Eyes gently gazing at your knees. Inhale big step, right foot forward between your hands,again toes in one line with your fingertips. Right foot flat, right knee perpendicular to the right heel,

Left knee on the mat, relax your left toes, look up.

Exhale left foot forward, feet together, head down, chin to the chest, look at your stomach.

Inhale arms and head together stretch your arms forward and up,in one line with your ears, straight legs, thighs contracted,

reach high tighten your gluts, hips forward arch back all the way,drop your head back, exhale release. Palms to touch in front of your heart center, arms by your sides. Left side…


Dolphin pose:

Lift your head up from child’s pose. Clasp your hands around the opposite arms while keeping the thumbs from the inside for correct measurements.

Interlock your hands together. Tuck your toes under and inhale as you lift your hips up into inverted V. Exhale forward & down in front of your hands until your chin touches the ground.

Inhale, taking your hips up and back. Repeat.

Rest in child’s pose.


Headstand: Sirsasana

Visualize yourself going into headstand.

Measure the distance between your elbows by clasping your hands to your opposite arms keeping your thumbs from the inside.

Interlace your fingers making a cup with your hands. place the crown of your head on the floor and support it by your hands. Slide your shoulders back away from the ears. Tuck your toes under and lift up your hips. Walk your feet towards your head. Gently bend one knee to the chest. Bend the other leg. Knees and heals together. Slowly lift your thighs, keeping the knees bent. Stomach in. Tighten your thighs. Extend your knees and straighten your legs. Keep your feet relaxed.


Shoulderstand: Sarvangasana

Lie on your back, legs together, arms by your sides, palms facing down, chin to chest.

Inhale, raise both legs up, feet flexed, lift up your hips and chest as much as u can, support your back with your hands, elbows in one line with your shoulders. Draw your chest back towards your chin, hips in one line with your shoulders. Stay there and breath.

For adjustment: bend both knees to your forehead, bring your shoulders closer, raise both legs up and hold.


Plough (Halasana):

Transition from shoulder stand, slowly, exhale and drop one leg at a time or both legs over your head. Lift up your hips.back and legs straight. If your feet touch the ground easily, interlace your fingers behind the back, stretching the arms away, palms facing the back, filling the gap between your shoulders blades. Press down your heels, inner thighs contracted. Keep your neck  straight, push the knees up.


Bridge (Setu bandasana ):

Transition from Shoulder stand and Plough, Support your back by your hands, Lift your legs away from the floor all the way up. Drop one leg at a time to set into setu bandasana (bridge pose). Keep your knees hip-width apart, feet flat on the floor, lift your chest up towards your chin.


Fish pose (Matsyasana)

Lie down on your back, place the arms under the body with your hands under your buttocks, palms facing down. Push with your elbows up, look at your toes and slowly drop your head back. Top of the head is barely touching the ground. Breathe to the lower abdomen to open your heart center.

To come out of the pose, inhale as you press your forearms into the ground, lift your head and look at your toes. Exhale, and lower your body back down to the ground, removing the arms from under the body.