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Forearm Play Workshop

In this workshop, we will safely build the foundations for Pincha Mayurasana (forearm balance). We’ll move through a sequence designed to open the shoulders, hamstrings, strengthen the back, and the entire core. Mayssam will guide you through a dynamic, alignment-based flow.

She will break down the different phases of this pose with support.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 33$

Tania Feghali Saad

A Pranic Healer since 2009 who received her certificates of attendance in Basic Pranic healing course September 6th2009 then an Advanced Pranic Healing course on  September 11th2010.
In addition to the above, Tania Pranic psychotherapy course was done in May 21st2011; moreover, she is a Pranic crystal Healer, and finished a course of achieving oneness with the Higher Soul on April 29th2012 in addition to Pranic Psychic self-Defense in February 24th2014

The courses and certificates she did, and had are many, though she is a mom, and manages to take care of her family and follow up with the knowledge that she likes to contribute with, and share it amongst the attendees of her classes.
Last but not least, Tania has a business background with a masters degree in Hospital Health Management and Economical sciences and social Health

More of her distinguished achievements are the following:

Arhatic yoga preparatory level December 16th2012- Kriyashakti course November 14th2015- Pranic Feng Shui November 15th2015 – Pranic Face Lift October 15th2017 .

Attended Rebirthing Level 1 and Level 2 in 2011, and finally Tania is a basic pranic healing instructor since March 2017.

Certified as a Yoga Teacher by The Lotus Academy Of Yoga and Yoga Vana Forest Academy after completing the requirements of the 200 hour teacher training including Yoga for Kids and Prenatal Yoga, on the 12thof July 2018.

Sri Lanka Retreat Nov 16-24


“Travel to a place that leaves you speechless and come back home as a story teller”

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat (November 16-24)
Take a break from the daily routine of life and join us for a re-energizing and re-vitalizing Yoga Retreat at The Beaches/Mountains & Rivers Of Sri Lanka!

Qatar Airways Flight:

1 QR 419 G 16NOV 5 BEYDOH HK15 0045 0550 *

2 QR 654 G 16NOV 5 DOHCMB HK15 0855 1635

3 QR 655 G 24NOV 6 CMBDOH HK15 2020 2325

4 QR 426 G 25NOV 7 DOHBEY HK15 0145 0520

Retreat Schedule

Day 1, Friday November 16th

Check In at The 5 star ⭐️ hotel Avani Bentota (Superior Sea View Rooms)
more info:

Of all the resorts in Sri Lanka, Avani offers its guests a level of elegant simplicity just meters from the lapping waters of a secluded cove. Here, time is measured in moments of serenity and pleasure. It is a place to get away from it all and to absorb the unsurpassed natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Day 2, Saturday November 17th

8:30 yoga class
10:30 Breakfast
Day at Bentota Beach ☺ water sports and more …
17:30-19:00 Sunset Beach Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
20:30 Dinner Out

Day 3, Sunday November 18th
07:30-9:00 Yoga Class
9:00-10:30 Breakfast
10:30 Bentota River Cruise
11:30 Turtle Farm Hikaduwa
12:30 The Coral Reef Hikaduwa
15:30 The Dutch Fort and Colonial Architecture
18:00-19:30 Sunset Beach Yoga, Breathing & Meditation At Bentota
20:30 Dinner

Day 4, Monday November 19th
7:30-9:00 Yoga Class
9:30-10:30 Breakfast
10:30 Visit of wewurukannala vihara temple & Weherahena Poorwarama Rajamaha
12:30 Whale and Dolphin watching at Mirissa
14:00 Lunch at Mirissa Beach
18:00-19:30 Sunset Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
20:30 Dinner

Day 5, Tuesday November 20th
7:30-9:00 Yoga Class
09:00 Breakfast
11:30 Departure to second location: Amaya Hunas Falls Kandy 5* (Deluxe Rooms)
Lunch on our way
18:00 Yin Yoga
20:30 Dinner

About Hunas Falls:
A score of spectacular waterfalls tumble down over rocks and precipices throughout the cool high country of Sri Lanka. Among them is Hunas Falls, which derives its name from Hunasgiriya Peak, the forest covered mountain which overlooks this tranquil landscape.

For More Info:

Day 6, Wednesday November 21st
7:30-9:00 Yoga Class
9:30-10:30 Breakfast
10:30 Hike & Tour At The Magical Nature Of Nuwara Eliya (visit of waterfalls + Tea estates)
Lunch out
18:30-20:00 Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
20:30 Dinner

Day 7, Thursday November 22nd
7:30-9:00 Yoga class
9:30 Breakfast
10:30 Visit to Sigiriya and Dambulla cave temple
lunch out
18:30-20:00 Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
20:30 Dinner

Day 8, Friday November 23rd
7:30-9:00 Yoga Class
9:30-10:30 Breakfast
Visit Of Temple Of Tooth, royal botanical gardens peradeniya, kandy lake, Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue, shopping 🙂
18:00 Hips and Hamstrings yoga
20:00 Dinner

Day 9, Saturday November 24th
7:30-9:00 Yoga class
9:30 Breakfast
12:00 Check out
14:00 Shopping on the way to airport

Places are limited
1950$/person triple bed room for family or friends
2350$/person Shared twin bedroom accommodation
2950$/person Single king size bed room

Early bird discount till September 14th:
1800$/person instead of 1950$ (Triple)
2200$ instead of 2350$ (Twin)
2800$ instead of 2850$ (single)

Deposit is 1000$ per person

– Total Payment should be done by November 1st latest
– Cancellation before September 16th, you get 50% refund
– Cancellation after September 16th no refund

Including in the cost:

1-Airline ticket round trip
2-Accommodation BB Sea View Bentota and Mountain View Kandy
3-Transportation throughout the whole trip
4-All yoga/meditation classes

N.B Lunch, Dinner and sites entrance fees are excluded.
You can do massages and Ayurveda consultations and surfing and option for diving but at your own cost

For More Info
Call us for more at +961 3 029 734
Email Us: [email protected]

Talalla Retreat, Sri Lanka

Sunset Yoga By the Sea

Sunset Beach Yoga by the Sea with Aaed

Beach Yoga is calling for a beautiful afternoon and sunset time at La Siesta Beach & Resort.
Summer can’t be fulfilled without spending quality time at the beach with your self, with your family or friends and loved ones.

Everyone’s presence is valuable, and we’d love to see you all, on Saturday August 4 at La Siesta Beach Resort.
The class is open level with asanas and variations suiting the ambiance.

Your Options:

Full Day:
$33 Adults
$15 Children below 14 y-o

Half Day (after 12:00 pm):
$27 Adults
$10 Children below 14 y-o

Yoga Class only (after 17:00 pm)

Bring your yoga mat or a big towel
(you can rent a mat for additional 10,000 LL)

Reservation is a must at 03029734

Live Music & Restorative Yin with Mayssam & Alaa

Live Music & Restorative Yin with Mayssam & Alaa

Join Mayssam and Alaa for an evening of deep relaxation and souful exploration through Yoga and Live Music.

Alaa will bring his extraordinary blend of captivating live music and yoga while Mayssam delivers a sweet and surrendering blend of Restorative yin yoga and meditation.

Yin Yoga works on the Yin tissues – also known as the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load. Yin Yoga poses are held for around 5 minutes. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making them a little longer and stronger.

Becoming still in a pose, you learn to observe only the pure physical sensations of emotions, without getting caught up in the stories about those emotions, thats how you clear your mind and free your spirit.

Date: Sat Sep 29
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Energy Exchange: $33

Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on Sept 8 – 15 and 22 is $118 instead of $132

Call for more at 03029734

Core & Arms with Aaed

Core & Arms Workshop with Aaed

Strengthen the arms & Fire up the core!
Develop stability and strength to add safety and in-depth to your yoga practice.

Come learn tips and techniques for developing a solid core and unshakable arms with Aaed Ghanem.

Date: Sat Sep 22
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Energy Exchange: $33

Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on Sept 8 – 15 – and 29 is $118 instead of $132

Call for more at 03029734

Find Your Splits with Mayssam

Find Your Splits with Mayssam

Would you love to be able to do the splits? Want to work on tight hip flexors?
Then this workshop is for you !

This workshops is all about the journey – not the destination! You’ll learn patience and anatomy, enjoy some flows and deep yin holds. Expect to be taken on a journey through Mindful Yoga Flow & Restorative Yin Poses. Hanumanasana brings many benefits, including toned and strengthened muscles of the legs and abdomen! All levels welcome!

Date: Sat Sep 15
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Energy Exchange: $33

Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on Sept 8 – 22 – and 29 is $118 instead of $132

Call for more at 03029734

Inversions Workshop with Aaed

Inversions Workshop

This two hours session is all about the flexibility, strength and coordination that is necessary for handstands and arm balances. Handstand is a fun and challenging posture that demands a strong core, stable shoulders, and a bit of determination!
Come learn tips and techniques for developing a solid Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) with Aaed Ghanem.

In this flow we’ll explore the fundamentals of going upside down, and we’ll understand the key alignment tools that help us invert.

The Workshop is open for beginners and advanced !

Date: Sat Sep 8
Time: 5:00 till 7:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Energy Exchange: $33

Discount for subscribers to this workshop in addition to the 3 other workshops on Sept 15 – 22 – and 29 is $118 instead of $132

Call for more at 03029734

Beyond Flexibility Workshop

Beyond Flexibility: Flexible Spine Workshop with EunSeong Choi

Increasing flexibility is one of the most consistently reported benefits of practicing yoga. However, flexibility can be easily mistaken for the ability to perform spectacular feats of contortion or acrobatic moves.

In this workshop, we will
1. Focus on functional flexibility and learn how to safely widen our range of motion.
2. Use asanas and the yogic union of mind, body and soul, to tap into our emotions and find balance in challenging postures.

Flexible spine
The human body adapts easily to our daily routines, limiting our range of motions. We tend to sit in the wrong postures, stress our necks as we look at our phone… These are small daily routines that can lead to bad posture, pain, injuries and damages to the spine.

In this workshop, we will learn how to safely release the stress in our spine, chest and shoulders and how to increase our range of motion, through deep bends and twists.

The workshop is accessible to students of all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

Energy exchange: $33

For info and reservation call 03029734

Greece Yoga Retreat


Greece Yoga Retreat Schedule:

Dear Beautiful souls, we invite you to join us in this beautiful yoga retreat in a one of a kind country!

Retreats’ Program:

Day 1 – Monday Sep 3

19:20 Departure from Beirut International Airport
21:20 Arrival to Athens Airport
22:20 Check in at Amarilia Hotel

Day 2 – Tuesday Sep 4

7:30-9:00 Morning Yoga
9:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:30 Three islands magical cruise in the sea, Poros – Hydra – Aegina
We will enjoy free time on the islands of Poros, and relax over a delicious buffet lunch, and be entertained by Greek music and dancing onboard the boat as you cruise between stops.

With no wheeled vehicles allowed on the island of Hydra, you can really imagine the Greece of yesteryear as you walk among the donkeys and mules during your 2-hour stop.

Finally, we will reach Aegina, where you can stroll around the main town or opt to take part in a tour of the ruins of the Temple of Aphaia.

18:30 Sunset Acro yoga experience
21:00 Dinner Out

Day 3 – Wednesday Sep 5

8:30 Morning Energizing Yoga Class
10:30-11:30 Brunch
12:00 Check out and head to Porto Heli and on the way we do Argolis tour.
During our transfer from Athens to Porto Heli we
take the coastal road along the Saronic Gulf to the Corinth Canal, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea, (short stop).
Drive to Mycenae, the Homeric city of Atreid’s, the city “rich in gold” of the ancient poets. Visit the Lion’s Gate, the Cyclopean Walls, and the Royal Tombs etc.
Depart for Nafplion through the fertile plain of Argolis, the picturesque town nestling at the foot of a cliff crowned by the mighty ramparts of the Palamedes Fortress (short photo stop), we leave for Epidaurus, to visit the Theater (4th century B.C.) famous for its astonishing acoustics.

17:00 Check in at Aks Hotel Porto Heli
18:30 Yin Yoga and long Breathing and meditation session
20:30 Dinner

Day 4 – Thursday Sep 6

7:30 Morning Breathing & Meditation
08:00 Breakfast
09:30 We leave hotel to Kosta Port in order to board the water taxi that will take us to the breathtaking and iconic island of Spetses. Once we arrive at Spetses Island, horses carriages will be waiting for us, to begin our one of a kind island city tour. we will visit one of the most cosmopolitan and popular beaches in Greece, named Agia Marina, where we will have the time to rest, swim, or have lunch in a local traditional sea food Greek tavern by the beach. After we return to Spetses Town by horses carriages again and board the water taxi to Kosta Port, where our bus will be waiting for us to take us back to the hotel.
18:00 Sunset yoga
20:00 Dinner

Day 5 – Friday Sep 7

8:00 Morning Yoga Booster
9:30 Breakfast
11:00 Check out and back to Athens by Ferry Boat!
14:00 check in at Congo Palace Hotel, Athens.
Free afternoon Beach time/shopping
18:00 sunset yoga
20:30 Dinner

Day 6 – Saturday Sep 8

8:30 Yoga
10:00 breakfast
12:00 Check out and shopping time
15:00 Free Time for shopping and other activities
20:00 Head to the Airport
23:55 Departure From Athens Airport
1:50 Arrival at Beirut Airport first hours of Monday

Package includes:

Two way airline ticket (limited short time offer on this price because it’s high season)
4 star Hotel accommodation BB basis in Athens and half board (breakfast and Dinner) at Porto Heli
English speaking Professional Driver
English speaking Professional Guide
Bus 36 seaters
All Tours and cruises and archeological sites entrance fees
All yoga classes given
Transportation through out the whole trip including the boat tour and lunch on the boat.


1- Triple Bedroom 1690 Euro/Person for Family &/or Friends
2- Double/Twin Shared 1850 Euro/Person
3- Single bedroom 1990 Euro/Person

If You don’t have schengen visa, we can also help but make sure it’s not short notice so decide NOW!

Full payment to be done before August 23rd
Cancelation before August 10, you get 50% refund
Cancellation August 11th onward you get no refund.

Places are limited, first come first serve!
Call us at 03/029734 for further info

Accommodation tax:

As of 01.01.2018, an accommodation tax, per room night will be automatically charged to the guests’ extras invoice

and will be payable by the guests prior to their check-out.

The accommodation tax will depend on the hotel class, location and seasonality