Beach Day & Yoga

Yoginis and Yogis of the Summer time 🙂

Beach Yoga is calling for a beautiful afternoon and sunset time at the gorgeous Lazy B shore. Make your presence at the beach more fun, more fluid and flexible, and more enchanting to the eyes and to the soul by watching and meditating upon the serene sunset rays spreading warmth on your skin and in your inner feelings and sensations.

Join Beirut Yoga Center Team for this beach gathering,
We will be there in the morning to spend a day by the sea, where you will have the option to spend a full day, half day or maybe just attend the sunset yoga session. 

Come with your yoga mats, and with a big smile inside out :))))).
If you don’t have mats, we will be on the sand so a big towel will do 🙂

1- Full Day access + Yoga Session: 50$
2- Half day Access after 3:30 pm + Yoga Session: 33$
3- Yoga Session after 5:30: 20$

We will release Lanterns with intention and wish to come true.

Note: we go with our own cars. car pooling is possible to hitch a ride.

– Registration is a must by phone, text or call: 03029734
– Reservation is a must so that Your name will be at Lazy B entrance

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