I Bend So I Don’t Break! (Backbend & Hip-Opening Workshop) With Rita (Saturday, April 30 at 4 PM – 6 PM)

The honest truth is that most of us are afraid of bending backward, even those who are very established in their yoga asana practice. Looking at our daily routines, we spend a lot of time moving forward. Therefore, it only makes sense to be hesitant about moving our bodies in the opposite direction.

Benefits of backbends are endless.
On a physical level backbends stimulate the central nervous system, boost immune system, realign and increase mobility in the spinal column, open the hips, strengthen and stretch the legs.

Other benefits include increasing the flow of blood, massaging the vital organs and glands as well as loosening the joints. Backbends boost energy levels and relieve tensions stored in the muscles. Mr. Iyengar has recommended backbends for curing depression. Psychologically, backbends teach us to be more patient with ourselves and offer valuable lessons such as discipline and care. On an energetic level backbends allow for deep heart opening.

This workshop is suitable for beginner to advanced students alike. We will dive into hip and shoulder opening asanas in preparation for backbending, as the hips and the shoulders play a very important role in successful backbending. Once the hips and shoulders are warmed up and opened, we will move through progressively deeper backbends, repeating them so that the spine opens in a safe, comfortable way.

Energy Exchange: 29$
Places are limited, book your spot now: +961 71 780 221/ +961 3 029 734/ +961 3 543 107

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