BYC Sunset Yoga and Meditation on the Beach

Yoginis and Yogis of the Summer time 🙂

After the tantalizing beautiful experience we had last time, and answering the calls of yoginis and yogis, we decided to organize another

gathering and it’s gonna be the full moon meditation and sunset yoga together, on Saturday, 9th of August, 3:30 pm on wards at the

gorgeous Lazy B shore. Make your presence at the beach more fun, more fluid and flexible, and more enchanting to the eyes and to the soul

by watching and meditating upon the serene sunset rays spreading warmth on your skin and in your inner feelings and sensations, and upon

the rise of the full moon from behind the high mountains. Such combination you can rarely find !

Join Beirut Yoga Center’s family for this beach gathering,

starting at 3:30 pm for an afternoon inside water siesta, followed by a yoga session from 6:00 to 7:45 pm that ends with breathing techniques

and meditation. After that every body is invited to join a yummy dinner at Al-Kahwa Sur Mer, Rmaileh, for a dinner of lebanese Meza and

main dish of grilled fish fillet and steamed veggies. Come with your yoga mats if you have, and with a big smile inside out :))))). If you don’t

have mats, we will be on the sand so a big towel will do :). Imagine your self in Hand Stand on the Sand with a snapshot :)))))


Contribution: 50$ including,

1- Lazy B entrance fee.

2- Yoga session for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

3- Dinner at Al Kahwa Sur Mer.

Note: we go with our own cars. car pooling is possible to hitch a ride.

– Registration is a must by phone, text or call Aaed (03/029734)

– Dead line for confirmation Friday the 8th 6:00 pm

– Payment to be settled at BYC desk latest by Friday.

– Your names will be at Lazy B entrance.

Looking forward for a Big Beach Yoga Thing :))))

Much Love



2 thoughts on “BYC Sunset Yoga and Meditation on the Beach

  1. Please organize another similar event! Looks amazing and just found out about it. Outdoor yoga is a great idea. Thank you 🙂

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