Full Moon Yoga & Camping

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein.

Make August’s full moon unforgettable, and join us on a Full Moon Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, and overnight Camping, at Cedars Ground Campsite, in the heart of Shouf Biosphere Reserve, and in collaboration with Reebok Mena.

On Friday August 16, Bus leaves beirut at 16:00 and reach Hazmieh at 16:30 to take the other group beside wooden bakery on the highway goin up. Or you can meet us at 18:00 onsite.
We will gather up at Cedars Ground Campsite, at the base of Shouf Biosphere Reserve (Bmahray Gate), having a healthy dinner prepared from the seasonal and organic veggies along with tasty and healthy ingredients, then we will move around 10:30 all the way to the beautiful Shouf Reserve on a Full Moon fascinating hike amidst the oldest Cedars Trees in the world. The hike will be moderate, 1.5 to 2 hours, reaching the Meditation spot where we will do breathing, and full moon meditation with Aaed Ghanem

Afterwards we will go back to the campsite where you have the option to stay overnight camping for a live music night, chilling between the amusing gathering spots, hummocks area, tipis and sun-theater…
We will play a lot of games and you will have the chance to win vouchers from Reebok and have a variety of items to wear during your Yoga and sports practice.

You can also prepare your own tea and hot drinks in the campsite’s kitchenette.

Our morning also will be rich with a sunrise yoga session with Aaed, then have a healthy breakfast, a morning tour around the camp and the freedom to stay or look for other activities in the area.

Transportation will be available, moving from Beirut Yoga Center Sodeco Branch on Saturday, at 16:30 pm Sharp and from Hazmieh (Wooden bakery – facing our Hazmieh branch) 4:40 pm sharp, and from Cedars Ground Campsite the other day, at 12:00 pm

– Hiking shoes, comfy clothes and heavy Jackets
– Blankets and pillows
– Yoga Mat or a big towel
– Small cushion for meditation
– Toiletries (Bathroom & outdoor shower available)
– A Torch Light
– A Tent OR rent a sharing tent fits for 3 people
– Camera & Your vision


1 – Full Moon Night: Dinner + Reserve Entrence + Guide + Full Moon Hike + Meditation: $35

2 – Over night Campers bringing their tents: The above activities + Entrance to the Campsite + Live Music Night + Morning Stretching & Yoga + Breakfast: $60

3- Over night Campers who need Tents: The above activities + Entrance to the Campsite + Tent Rental (Sharing Tent fits for 3 people) + Live Music Night + Morning Stretching + Breakfast: $70
If you don’t have 2 friends to share you the tent we can manage to find you 2 attendees suitable for you.

If you’re sharing with 1 friend the price will be $80 each

Private tent is for $90

Transportation Fees: Additional $12

Reservation is a must through passing by our Beirut Yoga Center/ Hazmieh Branch or Beirut Yoga Center / Sodeco Branch to pay for the chosen package. Last chance to reserve on Wednesday August 14
Groups of 10 to reserve together at once will immediately earn 15% vouchers from Reebok

For more info please call us at:

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