Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore Style Yoga Practice [ Saturday, February 13 at 4 PM – 6 PM ]

Learn the fundamentals of proper alignment, correct yoga breathing and ideal mindset for a successful yoga practice. Develop a self practice and evolve in the ashtanga yoga path.

Mysore Practice ? What is that ?

The first thing to strike you when you walk into a Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga class is that it seems like total chaos. Here’s one student doing a headstand in the corner, while another is coming into the triangle posture and a third is struggling to balance on her arms. What is going on here? If you stay a while and watch closely, you start to notice a pattern emerging. Everyone seems to be on a path, following a precise choreography. Also, the silence is striking. Occasionally the teacher will whisper something to a student, but the dominant sound is the collective breath. You’ll notice the teacher move swiftly from student to student, giving adjustments as appropriate.

If you would like to develop an Ashtanga yoga self practice this is your chance, no matter if you are a total beginner or never practiced ashtanga before.


4:00 We will start with an introduction about Ashtanga Yoga and how to practice in a Mysore Room

4:15 Guided Segment: Breathing Exercises, Alignment Suggestions and introduction to Surya Namaskar , some standing, seated and closing postures.

5:15 Put it into action: A mini Mysore Practice with primary series cheat sheets

Meet the Teacher: Mayssam Ghanem

Fluidity in the style with a mindful breathtaking and giving practice…

Mayssam mixes up her classes with different techniques and a vibrant energy. Students are drawn to her positive and loving energy that builds and expands in every class. Connection to the self is much easier with her for she guides with a soothing and loving voice. She puts you gently in the proper aligned posture that makes the wholeness of the practice manifest in a moment, and then takes you out fresh and energized.

She started her practice back in 2007 and received her 1st teacher training in Lebanon from Ananda Marga Center in 2010, then she travelled to India and acquired 200HR Hatha Yoga teacher training from Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram. Later on she got certified as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher from Ashtanga Yoga Mysore School( Primary Series ) and learned the Intermediate Series with Richard Freeman in Boulder – Colorado. Mayssam teaches different yoga styles from Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Mayssam studied as well Niramaya Ayurvedic Theraputic Massage which is an ancient traditional ayurvedic massage that focuses on Marma points, breathing and energy healing.

Energy Exchange: 29,000 LBP

Please reserve your spot by calling or texting on the below numbers:
+961 3 543 107 / +961 3 029 734 / +961 71 780 221

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