Tantra Yoga with Guru Prakash

Tantra Yoga Class – Tantra Yoga for the Pancha Kosha (5 Bodies)
Tantra weaves together a variety of yogic practices to purify the body, balance the mind and
bring out the inner bliss that lies within.
 Asana combined with chakra awareness and bija mantra meditation
 Mudras and Bhandas (how to use them to generate and move energy)
 Pranayama to balance body and mind while activating the life force
 Yoga Nidra as a Tantric practice to install divine energy into the body
 Mantra – Kirtan for uplifting our group energy and to create sacred space

You will learn:
 How to turn asana into a kriya – pure energetic expression
 Methods to link the chakras and activate the entire subtle body
 Practices to open the Ajna Chakra using mudra, mantra and pranayama combined
 How to let go of the mind completely and drop into the body
 4 stages of pranayama practice: synthesizing, vitalizing, balancing and tranquilizing

You will experience:
 Flow of life force and divine connection
 Intention setting deep within the subconscious mind

This may be followed by a lecture on the deeper aspects of a Tantra practice and how it can be
applied to all aspects of your existence. Tantra is more than just a science it is an art form, a way
of being in the world that allows the practitioner to evolve while living fully. The world is our
teacher and Tantra gives us the tools and philosophy to overcome all challenges and live with

Date & Time: August 24 – 5:30 till 8:00 pm
Location: BYC Yoga in Hazmieh
Fees: 33$

Reservation at 03029734
Yogi Prakash, the founder of Shanti Yoga Ashram and Divine Yoga School, a non-profit organization in Nepal that educates children and adults alike in the culture and science of yoga;
began studying and practicing yoga with full dedication in his youth. Shanti Yoga Ashram is the only Tantra Yoga ashram in Nepal, which is known as the motherland of Tantra. With over 20 years of teaching experience both at home and around the world; his passion is to teach classical Tantra Yoga in a systematic manner in order to fully awaken human potential for the upliftment of humanity.
Tantra is the ancient science to awaken Kundalini Shakti. Tan means expansion, tra means freedom. Therefore it is the art of to be free from all limitations and conditionings through the
expansion of energy. When practiced integrally with proper guidance higher levels of awareness are developed and the true bliss of the Self becomes naturally manifested.

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