Zen Yoga Retreat

Join the Japanese Master Masahiro Ouchi and the Yogi Aaed Ghanem in this unique and special TaoZen Yoga Retreat.
The place is a pristine calm green, full of positive energy with birds chirping in the pine trees around almost all day long. It’s a 50 mins drive from Beirut, at AFDC Ramlieh above Aley.

The program will include:
1 – Hatha Yoga sessions outdoors and indoors practice.
2- Meditation :
a) Tryah Bindi , Dreams come true meditation :
We will explore ones dreams deeply and focus on three wishes We will make them come true.
It is a powerful method that proved to be true and really works, for many years and in many places.

b) TaoZen Tantric Meditation “ Healing Love basic”:
It is a technique to explore our strongest life power Jing (sexuality), cultivate and use it for our physical health, emotional power and social healing.
As Basic practice of this technique, a special breathing and related meditation will be introduced.

3- Movements of Taichi Practice which will include:
a) Inner Taichi Basic : Deep learning of Taichi Walk and basic Taichi movements and Applications.
b) Taichi Tenshin Ranman Form: It is the most favorite form which has many traditional movements.
It is beautiful and powerful Taichi form..

Leaving Beirut Saturday June 22 at 7:30 am by personal cars/ car pooling if you need a ride!

Arrival to AFDC Ramlieh at 8:30
Check in and Breakfast.

9:30 am Program starts till Sunday afternoon at 16:00 Departure

Full board accommodation with 5 meals and snacks in between.

Fees: $230 Single Room
$180 Shared Double Room

Places are limited
Book Now!
Call us at 03029734
[email protected]

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