Aaed Ghanem

Aaed Ghanem (Founder of Beirut Yoga Center) is a yogi and a therapist. Aaed began practicing yoga in 1996 at the age of 15.

Aaed spent several years after words exploring many different yoga traditions visiting for this purpose many countries like India, Nepal and Thailand. He practiced many techniques including transcendental meditation by Maharishi, Silent retreats as Vipasana Meditation, Breathing with the Art of Living and The Knowledge techniques by Maharaji.
 He joined the teacher training program 200 hours in India at a Sivananda yoga Ashram where he studied and practiced the yoga traditions and techniques with many of its master teachers. His journey took him to a more advanced spiritual practice at the banks of Ganga, Himalaya for Sadhana Intensive course.

Later on he got also certified as BikramYoga teacher, He is as well an E-RYT 500 Hrs (Experienced registered yoga teacher) with the International Yoga Alliance.

He studied Holistic healing techniques such as Reiki, Energy Healing and Thai Massage of different kinds.
Later on he Co-Founded “The Lotus Academy of Yoga” a registered 200 Hrs yoga school in Beirut, Lebanon. 
He blends the yoga postures with fluidity in motion and stillness in the Asana, sprinkling the class with humor and wisdom. He provides precise instructions, based on the 15 years of experience, study and practice of different healing and movement modalities. His class also focuses on the core of the human inner existence, using the inner body (mind and emotions) to reach a state of meditation in motion so that the outer physical body will follow and stretch, bend and feels free.

Aaed combines his enthusiasm and love of yoga with knowledge of alignment and body mechanics. His class is safe for injured, modified for the beginners, but also challenging for the advanced.
He facilitates massage, yoga workshops and retreats, Satsangs and chanting as well as guided meditations. 
“Promoting Happiness, Peace, Love and joy in the present moment”

Name of Classes:

Hatha Yoga Blend:

Hatha yoga is a system of physical exercises essential to maintain muscle quality and flexibility as to keep the body young; and breathing control designed to activate, energize the body and gain control of the mind.
Her class is open for everyone, from the beginner’s level to the advanced one since options will be given for challenging postures. A combination that leaves you Fresh, relaxed, energized and peaceful. We assure you will feel light, vigor and vitality.

Pure Hot Sequence:

It’s the hot yoga class known as Bikram Yoga with the 26 postures and two breathing techniques done in a heated room up to 40 degrees Celsius and 40 % humidity. The postures are done in two sets with holding them for an interval of time that allows going deep and more focus in the practice. Relaxation or Savasana is given after some postures.

Hot Sequence and Yin:
It’s a beautiful mix of asanas also in the same conditions of the hot room, that starts with the Bikram Yoga postures practiced for one hour and ends with the yin yoga that holds each posture for approximately 5 minutes. Yin yoga deepens the stretch, increases flexibility and breaks the routine of the pure hot sequence.


Pranayama and Meditation:

This is a beautiful one hour connection with the self through yogic breathing techniques and meditation. Dive deeper within, realizing the truth by arresting the fluctuations of the mind and by witnessing an unparalleled beauty in the heart.




5 thoughts on “Aaed Ghanem

  1. Hello Aaed ! What a pleasure to have met you at the Edgar Cayce Center in the USA this week. Your soul shines brightly and I’m honored that our paths have crossed in this lifetime. The tapestry of my own life is richer through our meeting.

    1. Hello Dave,
      The pleasure was mine and so happy also our paths did cross and I feel yet to come!
      Being home back now, and moving forward down the path…
      hope your days are richer and always for the best in grace.

  2. Hello Aaed,

    My name is Shermine, I am a sort of novice at Bikram Yoga, and I know from experience what a challenge it is to stop and start Bikram Yoga. I may be in Beirut in August and would love to attend classes in Beirut if possible. Do you still hold classes in August?

    Many Thanks

    1. Shermine, please reach us at 009613029734 as soon as you reach Lebanon and we would love to have you during Hot Yoga Classes (Named Detox 40 in the schedule).

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