This interesting blend of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage promises to cultivate your sense of trust, playfulness, and community.
In terms of movements and style, AcroYoga is a bit like gymnastics, as you have one partner that acts as a base and the other who performs asanas with the support of the base partner. AcroYoga has been said to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual selves, through its 3 main components: First one is the SolarAcrobatic Practices, which works on trust, empowerment and joy; Lunar Healing Arts Practices, which cultivates listening, loving and letting go; and Yogic Practices, which does wonders for breath awareness, life balance and connection.




2 thoughts on “AcroYoga

  1. hi,
    i want to practice the acroyoga, however i did not see it on your schedule. can you email me the dates and cost of acroyoga for beginners?
    thank you

    1. Hi Zaher,

      We are not offering acroyoga in the meantime; however, the regular yoga that we offer can work as a good body opener and warm-up for various types of yoga, in addition to the core benefits you take as long as you stick to the practice.
      Please check our schedule on the home page, and we will be happy to have you during classes.
      Beirut Yoga Center

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